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Our Coffee Labeling Convention and Barcode

We believe in "Truth in Labeling" and that high-value coffee should be easily identifiable and traceable to source. All coffee with Origin Terruño Nayarita has our unique labels sewn into the bags when they are sealed in the dry mill. Our customers have access to the tracking database below on this webpage or at

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) sets the standards for labeling coffee bags. The standard labels are called “marks” and they are stenciled onto the bag or printed on a sewn-in label. There are three groups of characters in the ICO labeling system: the first is a country code, the second is the producer or exporter’s number, and the last is the lot number for that particular producer or exporter. Lot numbers are sequential and start over each harvest year.

The traditional ICO Marks are insufficient for high-value coffee because they carry no information as to the type of coffee, it's detailed origin, or its quality.

Together with our partners in Mexico we've developed an extended green coffee marking and labeling system to better inform our customers; our system uses labels sewn into the bags and a barcode that supports complete traceability to source for every bag of coffee with origin in Terruño Nayarita. The labels identify the coffee in the bag and the barcode allows the buyer to track coffee from each producer to each of our roaster customers. We developed this unique system in conjunction with our warehouse partner, Port Logistics Group, Inc., in Sumner, Washington.


Labeling: We add seven alphanumeric characters in three groups to the usual ICO character set to provide detailed information about the coffee in each bag. The three groups of characters that we add refer to the detailed ORIGIN of the coffee, the PROCESS/ID used in its production, and the physical DESCRIPTION of the coffee, respectively. This extra information is "encoded" in the three groups of characters as shown in the example below:

All coffee with Origen Terruño Nayarita has our unique labels sewn into the bags when they are sealed in the dry mill; the lables have our extended marks following the traditional ICO marks. Our customers have access to the tracking database on this website.

Traceability: The barcode uniquely identifies each lot of coffee, no matter it’s size, and provides a public link to our database where a visitor can learn about the coffee.

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